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My practice focuses on helping people manage stressors that emerge out of life cycle transitions. As our lives change, we must also continually adapt by changing ourselves and our relationships with others. I will sit with you as you identify your problem(s) and goals. I will strive to understand your context. I will actively listen to you as you recognize your obstacles. I will help you learn skills to manage stressors. I will provide a supportive environment as you seek new ways to make positive changes. And I will celebrate with you as you learn how to live into your new world.


I have significant experience in areas such as: grief/loss, trauma, depression, anxiety, and interpersonal conflict. I enjoy helping people who acknowledge their need for help, who are ready to have someone listen to their stories and be heard, and who are ready to begin the transformational process of change. 

I also have extensive training and experience in supporting and equipping parents. I have worked with: birth parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, and kinship providers, including grandparents caring for their grandchildren. I can help you learn skills to manage both your children’s difficult behaviors, and your emotional response to those difficult behaviors. I am also aware of the unique needs and concerns of foster, adoptive, and kinship parents. I am honored to support those who do the difficult work of parenting our children and youth, and I strive to do so with compassion, humor, and non-judgmental positive regard. 

I recognize that faith is an important part of many people’s lives. This may or may not be true for you. And faith or spirituality may not be something you wish to share in this context. For those whose life and faith are intertwined, know that I have background and training in a progressive Christian denomination (PCUSA), and welcome people of all faiths into my practice.


You are the expert on you. I have experience using a variety of treatment modalities and approaches. When working with you, I will choose an approach that best fits your unique needs. My aim is to help you find greater joy and peace in yourself, your life, and your relationships.


Available weekdays, evenings, and weekend appointments. 

Couples & Families

Sessions for couples and families


Groups for adoptive parents.

Please contact me for more details

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